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How To Choose Your Data Recovery Software

data recovery softwareMost of us have experienced the loss of very important data, due to a hard drive failure or to a memory card error. When such things occur, we feel sorry for not paying attention to this issue. Generally speaking, data storage solutions are quite reliable, yet accidents happen, so we need to be prepared to minimize their effects by buying a good data recovery software solution.

As most photo cameras of today are digital, it comes without saying that our photos are at risk, should anything occur to the SD card, making it unreadable. If you don’t want to lose all your photos and videos from your vacations, you have to make sure you have one of the best data┬árecovery software that works with such cards. Just think about the number of times you were about to format one of your cards before having the chance to download the photos in your computer. This can happen to anyone, so don’t imagine you are exempted. Even if you are very careful, it’s enough to leave your camera on a table with a curious child around, and your photos could disappear with the simple push of a button. For such situations, as well as for various malfunctions that may occur, you need to powerful and reliable software solution to retrieve lost data.

Card Recovery Pro is an extremely effective and powerful software that can recover your lost photos with only a few clicks. It works on all types of memory cards and it can retrieve the most common types of image and video files. It can even recover raw format files most DSLR and mirrorless cameras use. This makes it one of the essential tools in any photographer’s kit.

Card Recovery Pro can recover lost SD card files under a wide array of conditions such as accidental deletes or formatting, improper operation, physical damage and various other errors. If, for instance, you have mistakenly used your card in the wrong camera or if you have powered off the device during the data writing process, you may need Card Recovery Pro to get your files back. This software has the great advantage of working with virtually any type of memory card known today. It works on SD cards, micro SD, SDHC, mini SD, MMC, CF cards, Memory Stick Pro, Smart Media, Flash Cards and xD picture cards. The program supports devices from the biggest manufacturers in the world. Whatever your digital camera brand, you can be sure your photos are going to be safe with this recovery software.

Last but not least, this program is compatible with micro SD cards used in Android phones. Thanks to its SmartScan technology, Card Recovery can complete extremely difficult recovery tasks other software can’t handle. This is one of the reasons why this solution is probably the best one you can find. Besides, its step-by-step wizard interface type makes it extremely easy to use, this being one more reason to choose it over other similar programs.

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